Frequently Asked Questions

A typical garage floor installation take two days.

Everything can be put back in the garage the day after completion, though it is recommended to wait 48 hours to drive on it.

We grind the floors and use a vacuum system specifically designed for concrete dust. Therefore, virtually no dust is released.

Usually by sweeping. Occasionally with water and maybe a cleaner like Dawn soap, Simple Green or Fabuloso.

No, though standing water can make any sealed floor more slippery. In garages, water is typically tracked in by a car and stay around the edges of the car so the floor is almost always dry.

You will get the highest quality, commercial grade showroom floor that is slip resistant, automotive stain free, and comes with a lifetime warranty against peeling or debonding.

We use the highest grade two-component epoxy with two coats of the industry-leading clear polyurethane.

The finish is highly chemical resistant, impact resistant and extremely abrasion resistant. Floors we put down 12 years ago look like we put them down last week.

No. After the job is completed and you see your amazing new floor, the money is collected.

Yes, there is no comparison. Home kits are typically water-based epoxies with an acid etch prep and a few decorative flakes and no clear coat.

Our floors are all commercial-grade. We do a full mechanical prep with dust-free diamond grinding and fill all cracks and divots. We use only the highest-grade, two-part epoxy base, full coverage of decorative flakes, and then seal the floor with two coats of the industry's leading clear urethane.

Since 2005, and every one of our customers is extremely happy with their garage floors. One customer told us that in their new house, his favorite room is the garage because of the floor!

We are in this business because we have an amazing product that we can provide at an economical price, and it really improves the life of our customers. It definitely increases the resale value of the their house, but it also makes their garage a place they just enjoy being in.

Ok, nobody has actually ever asked me this question, though I'll answer it because some contractors promote that they can do the job in one day.

My answer is: technically yes, but you probably wouldn't want a job done that quick. That would mean grinding then vacuuming the floor, taping off the walls (we use tape and two feet of plastic to protect the walls), base coat with flakes, then scraping and two coats of clear urethane top coat (we use two coats, most others use just one) all in one day.

Others can do it in one day because they don't tape off the walls or apply a second coat of clear, which need three hours between coats. They usually use a fast-curing base coat which can present other aesthetic challenges.

We've found that for the highest quality job, an extra day is worth it.

Yes, call or text Jim at 251-379-2581 to schedule a free estimate.