For our Do-It-Yourselfers and YouTube Warriors out there, we have great news!

For less than the cost of most comparable materials available online, you can buy your materials through us. We use the best materials in the industry and since we are a distributor, we can offer these materials to you.

The best part is that if you're in Mobile County, Baldwin County, Orange Beach or the Pensacola area, we'll bring the materials to you! We'll walk you through our process and we'll look at your concrete and point out any concerns and tell you how we would handle them.

We will also buy back unopened materials! This is very helpful because several things effect the usage rate (mainly the porosity of the concrete) and you can't run out of material, so it is good to know that you can make sure to have enough material without being stuck with material you'll never use.

So, do the research. There is some excellent information on the internet. I will watch videos from time to time to see what's out there and pick up some tips. Some things, though, make me cringe. We believe the better informed you are, the more you'll appreciate what we have to offer.